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What to see in La Alberca. A beautiful village in Salamanca

After seeing Salamanca for a dayWe were recommended to visit what is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, so we decided to find out more. what to see in La Alberca.

What to see in La Alberca

In the heart of the Sierra de Francia you can visit the village of La Alberca and you will believe yourself transported to the villages of yesteryear, with their cobbled streets and the smell of a freshly lit fireplace.

It is the first Spanish village to have been declared a historic-artistic site in 1944 and is part of the network of the most beautiful villages in Spainwhich we can 100% corroborate after seeing it.

Do you want to know everything? to see in the town of La Alberca? This guided tour is a good way to start getting to know the city. the whole history of the village. 😉

Guided tour of La Alberca

Plaza Mayor of La Alberca, the essential things to see in La Alberca

There Plaza Mayor of La Alberca is the area where festive events take place and where all the neighbors meet.

Surrounded by beautiful houses, with wooden balconies and arcades with granite columns.In the Plaza Mayor is the town hall. On the ground floor the door of the old public prison is preservedwhere the tourist office is located today.

the main square, a must visit in la alberca

There are also some restaurants and shops and on one side, the fountain and an 18th century transept, decorated with symbols of the Passion..

Satur Juanela House Museum

THE Satur Juanela House Museum is one of the most important museums in the European Union. things to see in La Alberca because it takes you back in time and you can see what a typical house looked like inside.

  • Alberquois houses are built of wood and have three floors: on the ground floor were the animals, on the first floor the kitchen and the office and on the upper floor the bedrooms.

Satur and Juanela, the current owners, will show you the house in which he spent part of his childhood, since it is the house of his grandparents (Satur and Josefa) and they told us the lifestyle and living conditions of the time..

satur juanela house-museum

It’s amazing to see how well preserved and maintained everything isso much so that one has the impression that the family still lives there and that they let you visit the rooms, the kitchen and the cellar. 😄

Visit includes a short film about the family who built the house and at the end of the visit they invite you to taste a non-alcoholic liqueur and a typical candy..

TIPS: Visiting hours may changeSO it is better to call before leaving to confirm with the owners.

Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, another must-see place in La Alberca.

The Church of the Assumption was built in the 18th century and what we liked the most inside is the polychrome stone pulpit and a curious pipe organ.of which we were told was operated by means of a bellows.

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Outside the church you will see the niche dedicated to the Ánimas Benditas (blessed souls) which is linked to the tradition of the Moza de Ánimas.

La Moza de Ánimas is a woman from Albercana who, at nightfall, plays the mower (a kind of bell) on every street corner, at the same time as she… She intones a prayer for the dead and the souls in purgatory..

TIPS: Entrance is free.

Monument to the Marrano de San Antón

THE monument to Marrano de San Antón is made of stone, it is located next to the Church of La Asunción and the city’s cathedral. is dedicated to another tradition of La Alberca..

marrano de san anton what to see in la alberca

Each year a pig is chosen and, after blessing it in June, it is released into the streets. walk freely in the village and it is the inhabitants of La Alberca themselves who feed it, care for it and even take care of it..

Don’t be surprised if by going to see La Alberca, you meet him 😅.

When January arrives, during the San Antón festivities, it is sold at auction and the money raised is donated to charity.. In the past, there were no lottery, but rather it was given to the neediest family in the village..

Ham Space Museum

We had never seen a ham museum and when we were told there was one in La Alberca, we went to see it 😁.

The guided tour of the museum is free.and during this, they explain the whole production process of the ham, the different denominations of origin in Spain, the different types of ham and the different cuts of a leg..

oh ham, ham museum

At the end of your visit, you have the opportunity to taste different types of hams and sausages. or go to the restaurant to have a snack or buy ham to take away.

ADVICE: We leave you their website so you can choose what suits you best.

Alberta Costume Museum

The museum has a room with a quite complete collection of all the Albercan costumes.. One of the most remarkable is the dress suit worn by women on their wedding day and which today worn during the Fiestas Mayores.

Map of the best places to see in La Alberca

On the map you will find the exact point of the best places to see in La Alberca. the best places to see in La Alberca.

How to get to La Alberca from Salamanca

There The best way to get to La Alberca is by car. and if you don’t have a car, you can also get to La Alberca by car. you have a bus who can take you or bring you back.


La Alberca is located 80 kilometers from Salamanca. Take the A-62 until Las Cantinas where you must continue on the SA-215 and when you arrive in Tamames take the SA-201 until La Alberca.

The whole center of the village has quite narrow streets, which means you have to take the SA-215. it is best to leave your car in the parking lot which is at the entrance of the village and see La Alberca to stroll. 😊

albercana street


You can also go to La Alberca by public transport with this buswhich, although it does not circulate every day, can be a good idea if it fits your plans 😉

Where to eat in La Alberca

We are sure that after knowing what to see in La Albercayou will want to sit down with a drink in this beautiful village. there are several places where you can eat very well.

We leave you our opinion on the 2 sites we tested 😋.

Restaurant El Balcon De La Plaza

When we were looking for a place to eat we asked some locals who were sitting in the Plaza Mayor and they recommended a restaurant right there.

They told us they did home cooking so we decided to give it a try and after seeing what was available we chose the daily menu with potatoes meneas as a starter (typical of the region) and charcoal-grilled pork as a main course. For dessert, a homemade chocolate cake which was delicious.

patatas meneas, typical of alberca

The treatment was very friendly at all times and for the quantity and quality of the food, we did not find it expensive..

TIPSIf you fancy a bite to eat, you will find raciones and tapas of Iberian charcuterie from La Alberca.

  • Address: C/ Plaza Mayor, 11

Cafe Restaurante El Encuentro

Not far from the Plaza Mayor, you have this restaurant whose specialty is meat.

Although they also offer an a la carte menu, we decided to order the daily menu as we found it to be very varied.

As we had liked the meneás potatoes we… ordered them again, as well as a grilled ribeye with roquefort sauce, which was very good.

  • Address: C/ Tablado, 8

grilled sirloin steak with roquefort sauce restaurant el encuentro

Where to sleep in La Alberca

The village of La Alberca can be visited well in one day, but you may want to go to sleep in La Alberca. to make a more complete getaway, see the surroundings or just sightseeing at a more leisurely pace, so we give you different options to help you find the ideal accommodation.😉

Accommodation in La Alberca

We hope that this article on what to see in La AlbercaWe hope it has been useful to you in preparing for your trip and we will meet you when you return.

Hello travelers.

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