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What to see in Liverpool in 2 days? The city of the Beatles

Liverpool is all about the Beatles and football first, but this laid-back city has so much more to offer. That’s why we’re talking about it today. What to see in Liverpool in 2 days?.

What to see in Liverpool in 2 days?

Liverpool is a city that can be explored comfortably on foot and is well served by public transport if you ever need it. The only downside is its famous wind, but this can easily be remedied with a good jacket 😉.

Conclusion: there is no excuse not to do it go see the city and spend a few days there to take advantage of all the must-see places to visit.

TIPS: If you want to start your journey by getting to know the world, it is important to have a good knowledge of the world. some of the most important monuments and streets of the city, this free tour in english is for you.

Free Liverpool Tour

Do you want to join us to visit Liverpool?

To whet your appetite, we present the video of our first day of visit to liverpool.

Liverpool’s Three Graces

What better place to start see Liverpool that with some of his the most famous and well-known buildings such as the Three Graces.

There are 3 buildings: Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and Port Of Liverpool Building which were built between 1903 and 1916.

  • Royal Liver Building: It was for 50 years tallest building in the UK and is famous for its Liver bird sculptureswhich are two mythological birds looking one towards the sea and the other towards the land. The legend says that the day they take flight, the city will be destroyed..

the three graces one of the most famous buildings in the city

  • The Cunard Building: This is the former luggage room of the Cunard cruise ships. one of Liverpool’s most popular attractions: The British Music Experiencean interactive museum that tells the story of British rock and pop with original objects from artists such as Freddy Mercury, the Spice Girls and Adele, among others.
  • Port of Liverpool buildingThis is the oldest building in the Three Graces, opened in 1907. headquarters of the Mersey Docks and Harbor Board (Port of Liverpool offices). until 1994.

TIPS: A few minutes from the Three Graces, there is the Titanic Memorialin honor of the engineers and crew originating from Liverpool.

Beatles Statue

In front of the Three Graces you will find one of the Beatles statues. Liverpool must-seesA bronze sculpture of 4 boys strolling peacefully. I’m sure you’ll know who they are, but just in case, we’ll tell you about them 😊.

They are named FabFouralthough you know them better as The BeatlesWhy are their statues here? The statue of The Beatles, was donated to the city by the Cavern Club in 2015, to commemorate the 5th anniversary of their last concert in Liverpool in 1965..

The must-see Beatles statues in Liverpool

TIPS: Do you want to know all the history of the Beatles? In this self-guided tour in English will tell you all about them and show you places like The Cavern pub.

Free Beatles Tour

Liverpool Museum

Next to the Beatles statue, don’t miss one of Liverpool’s best-known museumswhere we tell you the city’s history, culture and way of life..

One of the most interesting areas, in our opinion, is the transport area, where more than 200 vehicles are displayed, including a 19th century locomotive.

one of liverpool's best known museums

If one of the reasons you decided to visit Liverpool is that you are a Beatles fan, don’t miss this museum where there is a part is dedicated to them and are exposed objects related to his career.

It’s quite a big museum, so the visit can last about two hours, and when you go up to the first floor, don’t miss the panoramic views of the Three Graces.

TIPS: Free entry.

Royal Albert Dock

THE Royal Albert Dock was built in the middle of the 19th century. one of the most important ports in all of England with the greatest concentration of historic buildings.

The best way to appreciate this neighborhood is to stroll through its nooks and crannies filled with docks and old brick and metal warehouses, which will take you back in time to the days of industrial steel. industrial origins of the city.

port royal albert dock

The Royal Albert Dock was closed in 1972 and reopened 10 years later, but this time as a leisure area, where you will find a wide variety of shops, eating places and several must-see museums such as The Beatles Story where the Maritime MuseumWe tell you everything we saw below 😉.

The Beatles Story

Maybe not, definitely not The Beatles Story is Liverpool’s most important attraction. and one of Liverpool’s biggest attractions. unmissable places to seeWe can assure you that even before entering you will be amazed…if you are a Beatles fan.

Throughout the tour you will be immersed in the careers of these four boys. who revolutionized the music of the 60s and you will pass by mythical places such as The Cavern pub and Abbey Road studios. without leaving the museum.

the beatles story a must to see in liverpool in two days

Includes a audio guide in Englishwhich is “almost” essential to enjoy the visit even more and since it is a very popular museum, we recommend to buy your ticket in advance.

Beatles History Entrance

To complete this visit, we can only encourage you to come and see the history of the Beatles. The Cavern Club, where the Beatles became famous there they have played more than 300 times. the one you will see, is not the original, as it was demolished in 1982.but bricks from the original were used were used to rebuild it, so we can say that it is partly.😄

We leave you here the second video of our visit to Liverpool:

Maritime Museum

Port trade and shipping have always been closely associated with Liverpool. One of the best ways to find out more is to visit the Maritime Museum.

It has 3 floors, one of which is dedicated to the International Slavery Museum and its connection with Liverpool, whose port was dedicated to the slave trade.

liverpool maritime museum

In the other 2 you will find the maritime related rooms and you can see objects and parts of boats, what a cruise was like in the past or the life of sailors.among others.

But if there’s one part of the museum we recommend you see, it’s the part about the Titanic. Videos, photographs, models and objects tell you part of the history of the most famous ship in the world..

TIPS: Free entry.

Liverpool Central Library

We recommend that you visit the Liverpool Central Library and not exactly so you go read books, although of course you can too.😄

Liverpool Central Library has something special the moment you walk in and if you don’t believe us, come in, look and enjoy.😍

Then go up to the first floor and look for the room. Fiction Reading Room and you will again be speechless and speechless. 😇

liverpool central library beautiful library to see in liverpool on a two day trip.

Admission is free because it is a public library and, for the record, we tell you that is the largest of Liverpool’s 22 libraries..

TIPS: Next to it is the world museumwhose entrance is also free and where we recommend the rooms of Egypt and the dinosaurs.

Liverpool Cathedrals

An old popular Liverpool song goes, “If you want a cathedral, we’ve got one to spare.” Yes, you read correctly. Liverpool has two cathedrals, an Anglican and a Catholic.

THE Liverpool Anglican CathedralEast Britain’s largest religious building and we’re sure you’ll be struck by the size of its exterior architecture. The interior is spectacular and for the view it offers from its tower, it is worth paying admission.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral largest religious building in Britain

There Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is Catholic and, like the other cathedral, was built in the 20th century. It was originally intended to be as large as the Anglican Cathedral, but lack of funds prevented its construction. The one you will see today has a curious circular shape, with the altar in the center and surrounded by amazing multicolored windows..

They are not far from each other and halfway you will see a square with a sculpture called A case historyin tribute to the emigrants who left the port of Liverpool for America..

Liverpool Chinatown

Did you know that Liverpool is the largest Chinatown in Europe? In the Liverpool Chinatown live it The oldest Chinese community in Europe since their arrival in the 19th century.

The entrance to Chinatown could not be more spectacular, its arch of 15 meters with neither more nor less than 200 sculpted dragonsleaves no one indifferent. Moreover, it is the largest ceremonial arch outside of China.😲

liverpool chinatown chinese gate

On the main street, Nelson Street, you will find a few restaurants and a Chinese supermarket. Other than that, there’s not much to see and, in our opinion, the most beautiful thing is the arch at the entrance to the neighborhood.

St. Lukes Church

To end see Liverpoolwe recommend that you visit the site St. Lukes Church 19th century, which will seem normal to you at first glance.

However, as soon as you approach the windows, you will immediately understand that “something is wrong”…😏 and that’s it… only the exterior walls remainSince was bombed during World War II and it is for this reason that it is known as the “bombed church”.

st luke's church or bombed church

Abandoned for 60 years, it was fortunately repaired and cleaned inside and opened to the public in 2007. Today, temporary events and exhibitions are organized.

Map of places to see in Liverpool in 2 days

Where to eat in Liverpool

After having been watch LiverpoolIf you are hungry, we will leave you the place where we stopped for lunch, because we liked it a lot and you have a a traditional English dish such as fish & chips or mince pie.that’s what we ate.

It is called Fish and Chips Docklands and it is in the Royal Albert Dock area, where you will also find other places to have a drink or regain your strength.

one of the best places to eat in liverpool after seeing liverpool.

Where to sleep in Liverpool

We think you need at least 2 days to see Liverpool wellWe are therefore going to tell you about the hotel we have chosen to spend these nights.

After looking at several we chose The Liner Hotel Who is decorated and staged on the theme of much so that the rooms are called “cabins”.

It is located near Liverpool Central Library and is still in operation. closest to Lime Street station. In fact, unless you like trains, ask for your room to be facing the hotel entrance..

where to stay in liverpool

The room was not very big, but there was everything you needed there the breakfast was quite good.

From the hotel to the city center it will take you about 15 minutes on foot. choose more central accommodationFor more ideas, see below.

Accommodation in Liverpool

Getting to Liverpool

Now that you’ve written down everything there is to see to see in Liverpool in two daysStill need to know how to get there. We tell you everything 😉 .

If you arrive by plane

John Lennon International Airport is located approximately 14 kilometers from the center of Liverpool. the two best ways to get downtown..

If you are coming from London

You might enjoy a few days in the British capital and you decide to visit the city of the Beatles?How to get to Liverpool from LondonVery good question 😅

ways to get to liverpool city

The quickest and most convenient way is by train from Euston station.which will take you a little over 2 hours to get to the airport. Lime Street Station. From there, buses and metros will take you to your accommodation.

If you are not in a hurry, because it takes about 6 hours,😓 you also have the option of . travel by bus to Liverpool from Victoria Coach Station.with National Express. The advantage is that the ticket is significantly cheaper than the price of the train.

While still humming a few Beatles tunes,🎹 we hope this post on the What to see in Liverpool in 2 days? to help you plan a trip to this beautiful English city and let us know when you return what you thought.

Best regards.


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