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Work loan simulation | credit guide

The work loan is a consumer loan to finance any type of work. This credit can take the form of a personal loan (you request a loan without justifying your request to the lender) or an assigned loan (you justify your project to the lender).

Any type of work can be financed as long as the amount is less than €75,000 (as provided for by the Lagarde law introduced in 2010). Beyond this amount, your work loan is considered a mortgage and no longer a consumer loan.

Good to know: Before going to your house banker to apply for an operating loan, it is advisable to prepare your project in advance. To help you in addition to this work loan simulation, our Purchasing Power and Debt Level simulators will show you respectively:

– the maximum amount you can borrow. Three data are to be entered: the monthly payments, the desired duration and the interest rate; – the share of your fixed charges (rent, monthly loan payments, possible maintenance, etc.).

The monthly work payments are only the installments that you pay each month to repay the work loan that you have taken out.

Thanks to our work loan simulation, you can determine the monthly payments you could pay. At the end of your studies, our loan capacity simulation tells you what you can borrow according to the elements of your file.

You can use this job loan simulation for free, quickly and easily. You just have to specify: – the amount you want to borrow, – the duration of the work credit in months, – the APR (APR). Taking into account the nominal interest rate, application fees and insurance costs, the APR expresses the real cost of consumer credit as a percentage.

This work loan simulation integrates each of these elements and estimates for you the duration and cost of the loan, as well as the monthly payment that you will repay.

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