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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 – test and honest opinion

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9This The Redmi Note 9 is one of Xiaomi’s best-selling competitors because of its characteristics and the price range in which it is located. This lower mid-range smartphone has more than one trick up its sleeve which, like its large battery and lens configuration, are unusual in its price range.

The Chinese firm maintains its commitment to value for money with this Redmi Note 9 family, with three different proposals, starting with the phone that we are analyzing.

Its big brothers, the Redmi Note 9S (bigger, better hardware and slightly improved cameras) and the Redmi Note 9 Pro (bigger, better hardware and with noticeable camera improvement), surpass it in some characteristics but also in the price.

Today we are analyzing and testing the Redmi Note 9. Will it be the phone you are looking for?

If you prefer, you can also watch our video review:

Technical sheet

What will you find in this guide?


The Redmi Note 9’s 5,020 mAh battery suggests high battery life figures, although panel or hardware power consumption and software efficiency have a lot to say.

Well, the “prophecy” comes true: with standard use, can last two days without being plugged in.. So you can take pictures and use the usual apps without worrying. Also, the screen can stay on for more than 10 hours.

As a curiosity, something unusual happens with the charger included in the box: it allows charging at 22W, while the Note 9’s fast charge is 18W.


Redmi Note 9 cameras
With its four cameras, the Redmi Note 9 is a versatile device when it comes to optics

Although it is an entry-level phone, it does not give up on the configuration of the device. four lenses trending in the industry. Which, on paper, gives it a versatility that allows it to successfully face different scenarios in very different situations in terms of light or distance..

Its main sensor is 48 MP. It is accompanied by an 8 MP ultra wide angle, a macro sensor and a depth sensor for the improved portrait mode, each of 2 MP.

THE The camera application gives us a mixed result:

  • The good: it is very complete in terms of options, with even a manual mode for the most advanced users.
  • The bad: This software suffers from running on such cramped hardware.

Does the versatility of its technical specifications translate into practice? If the conditions are favorable, he performs his task without fanfare. But he suffers as soon as the scene to be photographed is far from ideal.

photo Redmi Note 9
In daylight and with good lighting, the results are acceptable.

By day, the lens configuration is good, although with some nuances. First of all, the photos taken are overexposed and the level of detail could be improved.

The ultra wide-angle allows you to photograph distant objects, but the drop in quality and brightness is obvious.

Another option is to use the x2 zoom, but how do you do without a telephoto lens? Pull the digital zoom to get closer of what we want to photograph and the result is not bad.

photo with Redmi Note 9
Good surprises with digital zoom

If you like experimental photography, zoom in on an object and you’ll see that macro mode is activated. This will give you very attractive and different shots.

photo with Redmi Note 9
The playfulness of the macro lens is very appealing.

At night or in low light, we recommend using the macro lens. night mode The app’s easy-to-use night mode provides an acceptable level of detail. Without it, he again suffers from overexposure and the noise is noticeable.

Redmi Note 9 night shot
In night scenes, night mode is essential

We’re even happier with portrait mode.

Given the range in which it operates, the results are good in terms of the level of detail, with a blurring of the environment that gives it a “dreamlike” touch.

For the most demanding, it must be said that it has an artificial side.

Redmi Note 9 portrait photo
The portrait mode is in line with the expectations of the range.

THE The selfie is not up to par overall, even with HDR turned on. It lacks detail, colors and contrast can be improved.

Redmi Note 9 Selfie
Selfies that are no match for a great camera


Price is no longer an excuse for a phone to look or feel cheap, and this Redmi Note 9 is proof of that.

Yes, it is made of plastic, but its shapes and glossy finishes make it a real eye-catcher. In addition, the layout of its camera module is different from the usual, reminiscent of more high-end models.

The result ? A seductive phone to look at… but a real fingerprint magnet.The phone comes with a handy clear case that also protects it from minor bumps and scratches.

If you’re a little clumsy, don’t worry: in addition to the case, its Gorilla Glass 5 glass panel is resistant.

Redmi Note 9

A powerful phoneboth in size and thickness, the price to pay for its generous battery. So unless you have big hands, you’ll probably struggle to wield it with one hand.

A quick look around the edges reveals the following buttons and ports:

  • On the right frame, the tray for inserting SIM and microSD cards.
  • On the left side, the volume button and the on/off button.
  • On the bottom, the headphone jack, speaker, and USB-C charging port.
  • On the top frame, another speaker.

This is a conventional and efficient button layout.

We appreciate the location of the speakers, which is particularly interesting when we have the terminal in landscape mode, for example to watch videos.

Redmi Note 9

It’s time to focus on the screen.

We are in the presence of an IPS panel in 19.5: 9 format. Her frontal use could be improved (about 83.5%), due to the visible lower bezel and the hole in the upper left corner for the front camera, which could be smaller.

Redmi Note 9 screen
The screen of the Redmi Note 9 offers decent quality and a generous diagonal

For the range in which we find ourselves, The diagonal is generous and the quality is adequate.but don’t expect anything special.

The combination of Full HD+ resolution, color reproduction (which we can adjust) and viewing angles delivers a good experience. However, its 450 nits brightness is a bit tight if you’re in direct sunlight.

The screen of the Redmi Note 9 in direct sunlight
The Redmi Note 9’s screen suffers in high-light scenarios.


THE The Redmi Note 9 proposal is the humblest of the three siblings. in terms of processor, RAM and RAM. We quickly run through their differences to focus on how it performs on a day-to-day basis and what we can expect from it:

  • It is equipped with a MediaTek Helio G85 12nm 8-core processor with a maximum frequency of 2 GHz. The Note 9S and 9 Pro change manufacturers and adopt the renowned Qualcomm and its Snapdragon 720G, more powerful than the MediaTek chip.
  • he is also the most austere in terms of RAMwith 3GB and 4GB options over the 4GB and 6GB versions of its larger siblings.
  • Where there is no difference is in storage: the entire Redmi Note 9 family has a storage capacity of 2.5 GB. available in 64 GB and 128 GBbut it is always possible to expand it using a microSD card.

The version we are analyzing is the one that has 4 GB of RAM and a capacity of 128 GB.

If you want to know the synthetic test results, here are the benchmark values ​​from AnTuTu, Geekbench 5 and 3D Mark (Sling Shot).

Redmi Note 9 benchmarks
Results after applying the main benchmarks to the Redmi Note 9

Redmi Note 9
AnTuTu 200.427
Geekbench 358 / 1.304
3d Mark (sling shot) 1.794

It should be remembered that the synthetic tests are only a guide to compare and evaluate its performance. But if we want to know how it behaves in reality, there is nothing like using it for daily tasks.

However, to contextualize its results, we provide you with the figures of the famous AnTutu benchmark:

  • The mighty iPhone 12 Pro scores 572,000 points.
  • The veteran Redmi Note 8 Pro scored 292,000.
  • And, models that are in direct competition like the Realme 6, score 290,000.

But we insist: more than the synthetic tests, what matters is its daily performance.

The Redmi Note 9 shows acceptable performance when we open messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram. The same goes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When it comes to gaming, basic games like Among Us run smoothly, but with heavier apps, the slowness is noticeable.

If we have half a dozen apps open at the same time, we will notice some lag when switching between them, and in some cases there is a lack of fluidity from time to time.

CPU power in combination with RAM is good for basic usebut with multitasking and demanding tools, you can tell it’s an entry-level device.

Redmi Note 9 fingerprint reader
Redmi Note 9’s fingerprint reader is faster and more accurate than facial recognition

AT biometricsoffers the proven method of digital reader and the convenience of facial recognition.

The fingerprint reader is well placed on the back and works well. However, it is not particularly fast, especially compared to other devices. It is, however, more efficient than facial recognition, which fails more frequently.

This phone comes with Android 10 and an update to MIUI 11. It’s a matter of taste, but Xiaomi’s layer of customization stands out for its great adaptability, neat interface and number of stored apps that it includes. However, as mentioned, the stock hardware slightly detracts from the experience.


THE The Redmi Note 9 maintains Xiaomi’s focus on value for money which has allowed it to achieve such good results during this decade of existence.

See the price

Its catalog of mobiles is wide and its renewal frequency is high, but, despite this, the Chinese firm remains a reference if you are looking for a good cheap mobile.

For the price of the Note 9 (see the price) offer :

  • Current design
  • Performance suitable for a basic user
  • Long battery life
  • Good configuration of its cameras in its range

A very attractive and balanced setup for what it costs.

It is precisely because of its balance that the Redmi Note 9 has few rivals among other brands in its price range. Only the Realme 6 (see the price) is the top performer, with superior hardware, screen, and camera. The Samsung Galaxy M21 (see the price) outperforms it in screen and battery life, but lags behind in hardware and cameras. However, both models are more expensive than the Redmi Note 9.

In Xiaomi’s catalog, the Note 9 has a harder time standing out.

The POCO X3 NFC (see the price) arrived with a bang, surpassing it on paper in every way… including price! Its bigger siblings also go further: the Redmi Note 9s (see the price) in hardware and screen and the Note 9 Pro (see the price) in terms of hardware, screen and cameras. But we insist: they also cost more.

In practice, the differences for a basic user who wants a phone for social media, messaging and calls are minimal. if budget is a deciding factor, the Redmi Note 9 is a favorite.. You can compare it to other models in our cheap cell phone guide. If we can expand a little more, we have already seen that there are more complete alternatives.


The Redmi Note 9 is a simple phone that shines in the range in which it evolves and that presents an excellent quality-price ratio.. As we found, it gets at least a passing grade in every area we tested it in.

Right off the bat, and from its specs, we know it’s an entry-level device. We noticed it at the performance level, which is sufficient if we use common applications like WhatsApp, YouTube or Facebook, or if we have three or four applications at the same time.

Redmi Note 9 cameraOf course, its basic approach is revealed if we open more apps or install more demanding apps. In its favor, a neat update layer and assured updates.

Your is one of its strengthswith a very modern and successful aesthetic to achieve a handy and pleasing to the eye terminal. In this sense, Xiaomi has taken the measure of the lines, colors and finishes that are fashionable.

Yes it is four cameras and a versatile setup to save the day in very different scenarios…on paper. Because if we take it out of daytime photography, in good light and without movement, where it behaves rather well, the results can be improved.

THE great asset of the Redmi Note 9 is the battery lifeone of the most sought after features by basic users. With normal to intensive use, you can reach two days of use.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • A remarkable autonomy that allows you to forget the charger in two days.
  • A very modern, attractive and practical design
  • For basic users with normal use
  • Unexpected extras in its price range like IR sensor or NFC


  • Hardware that suffers with multitasking and demanding apps.
  • Camera performance does not live up to expectations
  • A darker screen than desired

Comparative table with other mobile phones

Note : if you are using your mobile phone, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

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